Extending the life of your vehicle is simple when we join forces with conscientious and quality minded owners who wish to keep their car healthy and dependable.

We listen to our customers and offer solutions to all your auto repair needs. There is no job too large for us. We specialize in high-end European, Japanese, Domestics automobiles and perform repairs equal to, or better than authorized dealers.

Even while your vehicle is still under new vehicle warranty, we can perform Factory Approved Services in areas such as oil & filter, cooling, transmission, tune-ups and other maintenance.

We accept most of Extended Warranties & Insurance Companies

Oil Changes:

If you think your vehicle can go 15,000 miles without an oil change, we can assure you, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. We strongly recommend that an oil change service should be done every 6,000 miles or every six months. It will keep your vehicle in superb condition, and will most likely eliminate unwanted surprises!

General Inspections:

Weather you are buying a pre-owned or use vehicle or simply the time has arrived for routing inspections can be crucial for the life of your vehicle. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic software and equipment to troubleshoot all your electrical and computer related problems.

Brake Maintenance:

Your brakes should be inspected regularly to ensure its efficacy. With a properly-functioning brake system, the driver will not only guarantee ample protection and levels of ease on himself and other occupants inside the vehicle, but to the pedestrian lot as well. Preventive maintenance among your vehicle’s brakes devices must always be observed to prolong its life and its service.

Major Repairs:

Major repair problem or minor annoyance? Either way, you should always quickly investigate the source before it becomes an even bigger problem. Let us determine whether you have a major repair problem or just a minor annoyance.


Whether you need service or repair, we at Automotive Industries, LLC .are here to diagnose your vehicle’s transmission problem with state of the art technology so that we can be sure exactly what the issue is.

Vehicle Troubleshooting:

Is Your Vehicle Trying to Tell You Something? Troubleshooting those weird noises coming from your vehicle can help you determine needed repairs. It’s important that you listen to what your car is trying to tell you. A heavy bumping sound, softer than a clang, usually indicates that you should look at the suspension bushings, including shock or strut mounts. Avoid driving an unsafe vehicle.

Performance Upgrades:

Is your vehicle still inspiring you to drive it? Let us advise you on the many performance upgrades that are available for your car. Whether you are looking to increase horsepower, or add more aerodynamic style we can help you.


Restoration services, from engine repairs to complete restoration. We believe that in order for any vehicle’s restoration to go smoothly you must use professional advise and parts that are as real as your passion.

Cosmetic Repairs:

The upholstery in any automobile is one of the most essential parts of the driving experience. After all, cars may have engines, wheels, chassis and lights, but we really only make contact with the cabin itself when we drive. If you are experiencing paint fading or cracking paint, plastic, vinyl and leather in the interior of your beloved pride don’t give up on it. You would not believe what can be achieved with today’s technology and new/unique methods of interior repairs. Let us take a look at what’s needed and we’ll take it from there.

Professional Advice:

So if your vehicle is in the needs for new tires, or any tire related services, from wheel alignment to tire balancing and wheel repair we have you covered. Save yourself an extra trip to the tire shop and leave the rest to us. Automotive Industries, LLC. Partners with professional tire service center to never compromised your satisfaction.